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and this individual had a gun. there was an exchange of gunfire. we don't know who was exchanging gunfire with the suspect. and in that exchange as pete williams reported, one tsa employee was injured, fatally. he's now reported to have been killed. at least one other tsa agent is injured, there's been video of him escorted into an ambulance and perhaps one or two other people, we don't know whether they are tsa employees or other passengers in the crowded area, injured as well. in a half hour there's going to be a news conference from lapd chief charlie beck and mayor eric garcetti and they'll have the answers to some questions still unknown at this point. was this individual acting alone? is that confirmed that he acted alone? we have a report about a half hour ago that the incident according to federal officials was described as being over. but there still is a pursuit and investigation throughout this crowded airport to see whether or not there was anybody working in concert with this alleged suspect. >> the gunman in custody. what eyewitnesses saying they saw and heard. eight and ten
. [ indiscernible ] >> i'm unaware of that. i don't know -- i would think it would be rather difficult for george zimmerman to get a job in central florida. robert is trying to get a job. i spoke with him and he's attempting to get employment. he's having a difficult time. >> excuse me. [ indiscernible ] >> a lot of times things are included in the report that don't end up being true. whether or not the sheriff had certain items of evidence is going to be developing over time. we have the same police report that you all have. we have no more greater knowledge than what the sheriff has in their evidence locker than what you do. so as far as what the evidence from what the state has against him, that's yet to be determined. the police report indicates that firearms were recovered and as far as that, we don't have any further knowledge of that. [ indiscernible ] >> the state attorney asked for a specific address in the exc exclusionar zone, why they asked for that, i don't know. okay. no, absolutely not. absolutely not. my name is jeff dowdy. seminole county public defender's office. me -- >> we are
and waiters and waitresses, and retail jobs seasonal, they pay really badly. we don't have that conversation. we create jobs good, no jobs bad. it's no so simple. >> we're talking about the wrong things. >> it's also true thgs a decent report. we should have a moment of recognizing you can understand and acknowledge strengths in the system without it simultaneously being a slap in the face to those not doing well. we need to have more balance how we discuss these challenges because it is equally true there are people doing well working hard and it thriving and there are people working hard and not thriving. >> the labor department also said that based on the numbers, there was little to no impact at all on these jobs numbers as a result of the government shutdown. >> there is this category in the report about temporarily unemployed. which is a whole other thing, meaning i guess it means you were briefly unemployed because you were reemployed. if you think about hours being cut, we heard about the republicans accusing the health care law will lead to fewer hours worked which means you'll stil
. it puts this very massive system to a new test. a lot of lawmakers don't feel confident enough has been done to check out the different elements of what make the website work, to be sure they are secure, especially as fixes are added. so it's the functional side, the security side and policy side, and it was always a big, big issue and now we see it as a big, big issue in terms of just getting it going and it's a lot to chew on here. >> thank you. joining me now, april ryan, white house correspondent for american urban radio networks and reporter for plitco and wendell potter. obama care, what's in it for me. with the president saying at least through jay carney, we can expect to hear something from them sooner rather than later on a deal with people who had insurance canceled. you are an insurance whistleblower and know the dirty side of these insurance companies who have dropped people for years and not cover people with preexisting conditions and now we have these canceled policies, some of them zribled as lousy, that people want to keep for whatever reason. what's your take? is this
but it is accessibility and a lot of politics may follow away if the website is working. you're saying you don't believe by november 30th the vast majority of people who go on will be able to find deals are touting and administration hopes they see on this website? >> i think most of it will be working. >> i want to make clear there. thank you so much, sir. >> yes, ma'am. >> joining me now, sara cliff, health policy reporter for the "washington post" and michael smerconish. thank you both. you heard senator nelson say it's a small percentage with 39 house democrats who went along with the upton bill. we know a good number of democrats, 22 voted for a one year delay of the individual mandate and 35 voted for a one year delay of the employer mandate, both july 17th. percentagewise it's a small number of democrats but they are obviously attempting to sends a message and define request of the leadership not to support the upton bill. >> you're right. i think so. and there's obviously a lot of frustration about the cancellation. i think the members are congress are hearing back in the district from the peopl
in a generation. i had all kinds of folks whispering in my ear today. i'm a democrat. don't tell anybody, i'm voting for you. right? >> richard, what did you hear today? >> reporter: you know, that's a very great piece of sound you are playing there. that's what we're hearing also from some of the voters we've been talking with that have come through the fire house in moorstown, new jersey, and although the numbers don't appear to be that great as you can see here, they say they are about average or above average. i want to play some of the sound of voters that we have spoke with because it is consistent with what chris christie was saying. take a listen. >> i voted for -- wanted christie to be governor because he did a real good job in sandy. even though i'm a democratic voter, i voted for him. >> i really voted only when i really affiliated with was christie, i like what he's doing and have faith in him. >> reporter: what do you think barbara buono needed more of it to get your vote? >> publicity. one thing that actually also, i saw a commercial with christie when he had shaquille o'neal
a whole big wide field of people. right now it's hillary clinton or who, we don't know. >> ee list beth warren but no one touches the enthusiasm hillary clinton has right now. ready for hillary ad, in case people have not had a chance to see it. let's take a look at it. >> think of the sufferages that gathered at seneca falls in 1848 and those who kept fighting until women could cast their votes, thing of the abolitionists who struggled and died to see the end of slavery. as we gather here today, in this historic, imagimagnificent buil the 50th woman to leave this earth is orbiting. if we can blast 50 women into space, we will some day launch a woman into the white house. >> that's from the pro-hillary super pac here. we know at least according to the poll, she underperformed among men there. what is your take as it relates to what she needs to do to get some of the men perhaps live in pennsylvania, your home state, to get on board here? >> i don't know that that's necessarily a negative reflection of secretary clinton as much as it is the demographics and the way in which they seem to
a statement i saw a little while ago that they don't like this. they're afraid it could destabilize the new insurance marketplace. there is that risk. i think that we'll see that insurance companies will start complying. insurance commissioners will have a big role in this to determine what will actually be able to be offered again next year. but i think we'll start seeing once the website is fixed that insurance companies will be advertising for people, even those who have gotten these letters. i can see an advertisement. if you've gotten the letter cancelling your policy, check out what is available to you on the exchanges. i think it may be a good thing. >> but some of the criticism -- and to your point, you've pointed it out, we're hearing it from both sides, that this fix, and even fixes proposed by mary landrieu as well as upton could destabilize the program, that these fixes ultimately in a couple of months or so or maybe down the line will come back to haunt the president and this health care plan. >> it really could, if, however -- i think what we will see is there will be a lot of
for the supreme court whenever it looks at the corporations because if you look at the case law, corporations don't have all of the constitutional rights that individuals do. but they do have some. when you decide which ones they have, how do you draw limits around that? could a corporation say, we're not going to serve muslims, that violates our religious beliefs. how can you control all of the various ways that this could grow? >> and quickly, as well, pete, part of the white house statement that was released a short time ago went on to say, the administration is already acted to ensure no church or similar religious institution will be forced to provide contraception coverage and made a common sense accommodation for non-profit religious organizations that object. we saw that back and forth early on. religious leaders stay soft with the obama administration regarding people who work for churches. >> there are still lawsuits pending in the lower courts on how far that goes, how far from a pure church or church affiliated organization do you have to get before you lose that privilege of being ex
[ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is. >>> no sign of crack, toronto mayor rob ford says he loves his job and won't resign despite admitting to smoking crack cocaine. >> i was elected to do a job. and that's exactly what i'm going to continue doing. >> more evidence new surveillance video from the day kendrick johnson died is released just today. why police say the cameras did not record how the teen's body ended up in a gym mat. >>> and the pope and the people. the latest shake-up is being called fascinating and astonishing, he's launching a worldwide survey of catholics on issues ranging from gay marriage to divorce. what will he do with the answers? >> hi, everyone, i'm tamron hall. the news nation is following how the watt political parties are digesting results of elections in key races could have significant impact in the coming years. after his landslide victory last night, new jersey governor chr
a lot of folks in conservative districts don't want to have to have this vote. >> all right. luke, thank you very much. well, the news nation is following developing news in florida where in the next hour a hearing will get underway on a bill to repeal the state's controversial stand your ground law. it is one of two gun-related measures that house is taking up. florida's republican-controlled house agreed to schedule the five-hour hearing this summer after a series of protests and sit-ins at the state's capitol building following the acquittal of george zimmerman. many demanded that republican governor rick scott call a special session to repeal the law, something he has refused to do. the democrat-backed measure to repeal the eight-year law faces little chance of actually passing florida's house and supporters are facing an increasingly uphill battle. as the miami herald puts it, the gop lawmaker chairing today's hearing famously said, and these are his words, not mine, quote, i did not support changing one damn comma in the 2005 law. he also told reporters this week, i've got to belie
know if george zip zimmerman has been transported? >> we don't know. the report said that he was going to be taken to the correctional facility for booking. we don't know where in the process they are. we'll know more soon but that's what we know now, the basics. >> i'll let you get more information if possible and we'll bring your audience the latest details as they are released by authorities there. the developing news, the governor of illinois is describing it as a difficult day as communities in his state and surrounding areas assess the damage after the deadliest late season tornado in over a decade. eight people are now confirmed dead with more than 150 people injured. just look at the enormity of the scene. this is aerial video that shows the widespread damage in washington, illinois, which is believed to be the hardest hit. it is declared a state of disaster for several counties. >> we're all in in together. our state government is going to respond with every asset we have to make sure that these communities and the people in them are able to recover. >> authorities were going
. >> i don't think they were surprised. the people close to the action of what's actually happening in the defense department, people from the hill, there is no surprise at all. in any case, their demand that the president has to get congressional approval in order to extend isn't going to fly because it has to pass both houses. and if they want to stop the president from doing it, all they have to do is not appropriate any money if they fail to do that, then they have no say. >> the number we're looking at. this is a draft unsigned but in richard engel's detailed report, 7,000 to 10,000, i do think at least looking at the reaction, there seems to be serious concerns over that number. >> well, karzai wants more. he wants almost double that. >> almost double that. absolutely. >> to be honest with you, if karzai could have his way, he would have an enormous number there because -- >> with his conditions and his terms under his guide and control. >> and the money, mik said it, not all about the money but it may all be about the money with the money that goes along with it, important to
and say most voters don't want the tea party or whatever you want to call the local swap of the uncompromising hard right that too often picks gop candidates these days. they were hoping for a victory that would have been a referendum on the president's law while democrats were hinging on a referendum of the tea party. 5 % of voters oppose the health care law, a factor as to why the race is so close there. eric ericsson writes, cuccinelli's deficit in the polls started shrinking and loss in a race, everyone, myself included, expected to be a blowout for mcauliffe. >> much of mcauliffe's boost is being attributed to women voters along with 48% who blame republicans for the government shutdown. many more factors at play last night. and here to talk about them, mark murray, politico's james and patricia murphy. thank you all for joining us. let me start with you, chris christie is still speaking here. you saw that confidence, that new jersey swagger, whatever you want to call it but also saw christie pushing the message of compromise today that not everyone gets everything t
of this storm. >> it was an incredible storm. it was mother nature's most amazing storm that we just don't see very often. it's not unheard of. we've seen them in the past. we saw one in 1969 in mississippi, camille. we saw hurricane andrew in 1992. we see typhoons like this in the western pacific, but not very often and the formula here for this total destruction was where it hit. in the philippines, you have luzon at the north, where manila is. typhoons normally hit up there so people moved to the west coast. there's very few people on east coast of the philippines in the north. they don't often hit in middle islands. they have not moved out of harm's way so to speak and that was the formula that made this so much worse. it's an incredible storm in a place where they don't normally get them. some people didn't take the necessary means to -- >> or were unable to. >> exactly. >> brian, at least one article says what appears to set this storm apart, the ferocity of its winds. talk about the components of what was happening that made all of these pieces come together no this deadly storm that we
in the terminal. >> when it's weather related, i don't think there's a whole lot they can do. >> the weather channel's kyla grogan is joining us. people are panicking wondering if they'll get to their destination. >> it's just not going to be easy, tamron. here we are taking a live look at the radar. all of the rain tracking out of texas. look at that area in pink and blue. those are icy conditions and that's the danger that we have with these storms, the warm moist air from the gulf meeting up with incredibly fridge it arctic air from the north. that creates the icy conditions and that's why planes have a really tough time taking off and that's why the roads get incredibly dangerous. we're expecting this from little rock heading over into memphis, tennessee. as we get into tomorrow, that wintry mix and freezing rain tracking east and we're seeing it surprising places, north georgia, charlotte you as well. it's going to be a treacherous time on roads for anyone. we're looking at ice accumulation and it is possible everywhere you see in light purple as well. tomorrow, the northeast of course
and the economy and grind progress to an absolute halt if they don't get 100% of what they want. >> anna, it's interesting in politico in an op-ed it says republican candidates continue to try to turn the race into a referendum on president obama's het care law. virginia can send washington a message we oppose obama care with our votes on tuesday. virginia can vote for me and who want to see obama care grow further can vote for mcauliffe. that's from ken cuccinelli. this hail mary as it described by our first read team is essentially to try to tie up what's happening with the health care website and some of the issues that's plaguing the administration in getting it off the ground with the race in virginia. >> absolutely. obama care continues to be dominant force right now in the race. both mcauliffe is running on it and supported it. you see on the right cuccinelli has already made it an issue saying vote for me if you don't like obama care. even obama has -- his team has said if mcauliffe does win, saying there's a referendum on obama care and people do like this law once going forward. >>
, including the kansas highway, just in case this plane is low on the takeoff. they don't want to come too low and take off the top of somebody's car that might be passing by on one of the nearby kansas highways. but this has been an on going drama for the better part of 15 hours or so right now. and we're waiting for the final moments when they're about to -- to see if this take off at a good speed. >> they were supposed to take off at 2:00 eastern time and they're 11 minutes behind schedule here. they normally would need a runway of 9,199 feet. this runway is just over 6,000. that's a difference of more than a half a mile here. >> yeah. >> stressing no passengers on board here, but obviously there's no control tower. this airport normally does not handle a jumbo jet that size. and the other major question is how does something like this even happen, that a crew would be so disoriented that they landed in an airport and they don't know where they are. >> so i have had multiple conversations with people who are experts in this field and i asked them that very same question. the bottom line is
.c., atlanta, all of them are experiencing some delays in one for or another. even if you don't have bad weather where you have, you will have issues because you might be flying into bad weather. and all of this has trickled down from other airports and it's a cascading effect, 2.4 million people are trying to travel today and at least a handful of them probably a considerable amount more will run into problems. tamron? >> absolutely, katy, i'm looking at the app i have on my phone, my own flight to see if it's delayed and so far to your point, these outbound flights, at least at laguardia not affected. when you have a weather system that slows down connections and if you're flying we're all in the same boat. >> reporter: absolutely. the issue you might find if you're coming to the airport later today is the wind. the winds are supposed to pick up in new york city. we've been talking about the balloons for tomorrow and whether or not they can fly them because the winds will pick up. the winds can also affect flights whether or not they can take off. there is an issue in some cases where
not in front -- we don't like to call it the texas school book depository anymore, the sixth floor museum. >> yep. >> and michael is correct. they do a wonderful job. people who visit dallas should go to that -- >> as a kid we took our school field trips there as well. i would like to pause and take our audience to boston where governor patrick is reading the inaugural address given by kennedy on january 20th, 1961. let's listen in. >> so my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. my fellow citizens of the world, ask not what america will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man. ♪ >> james taylor. let me bring you in again. the climate at the time, we know again talking about the legacy and conditions in texas, some at the time and believed now were ripe for problems but nothing to the degree that anyone expected the assassination of this president. in fact, we looked at much of the individual yoef young girls in ft. worth, texas, there waiting to greet this couple and saying, i may not vote for him but wan
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